Music Exports & Imports

Europe, like most regions of the world, is a net importer of music, but has very signficant export potential. Intra-European export is also very significant, especially from Germany, France, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The Central and Eastern European region is relatively weak in exporting recorded and live performances, but it is among global leaders in creating export revenues from festivals.

Currently I am involved in creating predicitve models that help finding the best potential foreign market for music, and I make economic impact assessments of cultural tourism.

Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Automated data observatory

The creative and cultural sectors and industries are mainly made of networks of freelancers and microenterprises, with very few medium-sized companies. Their economic performance, problems, and innovation capacities are hidden. Our open collaboration to create this data observatory is committed to change this.