OpenMuse Consortium

We are looking for partners in Horizon Europe Research & Innovation Action programs.

OpenMuse brings together music industry stakeholders and researchers from 12 European countries. Our partners represent the diversity of the industry, as well as the shared need to find financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable policy and business models in multiple, sometimes-fragmented streams (e.g., live music, composers/publishers, and recordings with producers and performers).

OpenMuse is centerred around the Digital Music Observatory as an open, scholarly data infrastructure that can be used both commercially and non-commercially. We want to replicate our success story in music in the broader creative and cultural industries.

Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Automated data observatory

The creative and cultural sectors and industries are mainly made of networks of freelancers and microenterprises, with very few medium-sized companies. Their economic performance, problems, and innovation capacities are hidden. Our open collaboration to create this data observatory is committed to change this.