survey harmonization

Pan-European Creator Survey

Understanding coping strategies with online platforms, their algorithms, piracy and free use, and Covid-19 relief measures. A truly Pan-European data collection.

What is Survey Harmonization?

Survey harmonization is a powerful research tool to increase the usability of questionnaire-based empirical research. When the same questions are asked from similarly selected German and French people, music audiences and musicians, then we can make meaningful comparisons between the public opinions of the two countries, or the different perceptions of fans and makers of music.

Survey Harmonization

Ex post survey harmonization is in a way a passive form of pooling research funding because you can utilize information from surveying that were made on somebody else’s expense. The aim of ex ante survey harmonization is to maximize the value from future retrospective harmonization; in a way, it is an active form of pooling research funding, because you benefit from money spent on related open governmental and open science survey programs.