Cultural Diversity & Circulation

Indicators related to the diversity of cultural production in Europe and its circulation

WP2 Music diversity and circulation will culminate in a pilot project conducted in Slovakia, Lithuania, and Ukraine by SOZA, MXF, and MEU.

The WP2 pilot project will demonstrate the feasibility of increasing local artist representation in radio and streaming, via trustworthy AI and evidence-based regulatory policy. In the โ€œListen Localโ€ project, partners SOZA and Reprex created the Slovak Demo Music Database (SDMDb) as a reference database to measure the market share of Slovak music in radio and streaming, and created a prototype of a recommendation system that meets trustworthy AI criteria and is able to achieve similar cultural diversity goals as laid out by Slovak media legislation in 2015: i.e., to achieve 15% โ€œSlovakโ€ market share in radio playlists.

Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Automated data observatory

The creative and cultural sectors and industries are mainly made of networks of freelancers and microenterprises, with very few medium-sized companies. Their economic performance, problems, and innovation capacities are hidden. Our open collaboration to create this data observatory is committed to change this.