Culture And Society

Indicators related to music participation and access in European societies

In the OpenMuse WP3 Music, society, and citizenship will culminate in a pilot project conducted in Italy by MIH. The WP3 pilot project will demonstrate the ability of reproducible research and innovation tools to help MSMEs comply with emerging social and environmental sustainability regulations, at a viable cost. Within the pilot project, MIH will utilise the OpenMuse open music data software ecosystem to create an environmental impact report – as will soon be required of many European MSMEs. For this, we will add new functionality to software that was originally developed for economic and environmental impact assessments for the Hungarian and Slovak Music Industry Reports. In addition, more detailed social and governance reporting will be carried out with MIH. As founders of the Keychange program for gender equality in music, MIH is dedicated to transferable piloting on environmental sustainability (covering greenhouse gas and water use at a minimum), social sustainability (focusing on the gender pay gap), and governance sustainability (focusing on live performance kickbacks and recorded performance payola schemes as corruption risks in the music industry).

The environmental, social, and governance sustainability data collection will be piloted in Italy and transferred within the project lifespan to Bulgaria. As in the WP1 and WP2 pilot projects, the methods and software utilised will be fully open source, and thus open to, and replicable by, any national stakeholders who can collect the inputs required.

Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries Observatory
Automated data observatory

The creative and cultural sectors and industries are mainly made of networks of freelancers and microenterprises, with very few medium-sized companies. Their economic performance, problems, and innovation capacities are hidden. Our open collaboration to create this data observatory is committed to change this.