Ioanna Lapatoura

Ioanna Lapatoura

Data curator for Fashion industry data, metadata, NFT and blockchain

Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

Ioanna is an early-career researcher in intellectual property law, emerging technologies and the creative industries (fashion, art, GLAM). In her PhD, she examines intellectual property enforcement in fashion with the assistance of blockchain technology. Other research of hers explores

  • copyright, NFTs and digital artworks
  • fashion NFTs, the Metaverse and legal implications for designers
  • the impact of NFTs on galleries and museums.

She is contributing with Fashion industry data, metadata, NFT and blockchain.

  • PhD in Law, 2019-2023 (expected)

    University of Nottingham

  • LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, 2017-2018

    University of Sussex

  • LLB Law (with Honours), 2014-2017

    Coventry University